Methodist Church in Tanzania has long experience of development work particularly in education and community development. The church has strong desire to expand its development work in fulfillment of its mission. Below are the projects that we plan to establish to reach out to communities.

Wesley Methodist Secondary School

Firsh Nyamishigo Secondary school

Wesyley Methodist Secondary School is a registered school in Tanzania, Magu Region,built by the Methodist Church In Tanzania to offer able young people from financially disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to realize their academic potential. Since inception we have supported students in local district and provided educational materials and facilities to students from allover Magu district.


Women Fellowship Health Center

Leader of the Women’s Fellowship at MCT church leaders meeting at Magu

he mission of Community Health Centers is to provide quality and compassionate primary healthcare services to Magu’s diverse communities.The Methodist church in Tanzania Women group started the project to  create a facility that provides health care in under-served communities for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay



Clergy empoerment

The clergy in Methodist Tanzania has responded to the needs of congregation by providing dignity and hope, defending the disadvantaged and oppressed, preaching salvation and deliverance, promoting health education and wellness, promoting spiritual empowerment, promoting power through prayer, providing  ministry events, and addressing social needs.  However they encounter numerous challenges due to lack of resources to enable them traverse the various churches. Most of the clergy are in need of further education to empower them preaching salvation and deliverance to the congregation. MCT welcomes any form of support to empower its clergy.


Methodist church tanzania magu

The church is God’s primary vehicle to advance his kingdom on earth. The goal of our evangelism and mission work is to establish new churches and strengthen existing ones. MCT doesn’t  randomly scatter seeds with the hope that something grows. We strategically plant churches that will become strong enough to plant more.Our evangelists and church planters face many challenges as they travel to new areas. Languages could be different,some are in areas are difficult to reach because of limited access or political instability. Evangelization and church planting with minimal resources among has many challenges, but the fruit is worth the diversity that Jesus desires for His Church.We welcome any assistance from well wishers in support of this ministry.



Methodist church in Tanzania has come up with a strategy under the social action pillar to develop interventions to address the social economic and environment challenges faced by the communities  through promoting sustainable agriculture to ensure food security and increase household income of the targeted communities.The program will effect positive change in food production and animal rearing.

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