Partnership visit to Methodist Church Tanzania (MCT ) from 16 th – 20 th January 2017

Partnership visit to Methodist Church  Tanzania  (MCT )  from 16 th – 20 th January 2017

This blog was written by Dr Bunmi Olayisade Africa Partnership Coordinator MCBafter the partnership visit early January 2017


Aims of the visit

  1. To meet with MC Tanzania church leaders – a young Synod of Methodist Church Kenya
  2. To enquire about SALT scholarship recipients
  3. To discuss various partnership issues between MC Britain & Ireland and MC Tanzania
I arrived in Nairobi airport and left for Mwanza airport in the morning. I was picked up by Bishop Leopold Ndaki and the Synod Secretary–Rev Emmanuel and Pastor Peter Andrew of MC Kenya to be our interpreter throughout my visit. Even though I had no overnight rest, my African friends hit the road running. From the airport, we branched for a meal and over 80km to the shores of Lake Victoria. We then travelled on a dinghy to Ijinga
–an island of 4,500 residents and within the Magu district of Tanzania. The residents expecting us and we had a very warm welcome to their beautiful quaint cathedral –a newly built church on the hill

Why on the hill? It was the only church on the island and the youths love to play loud music, sing and dance during praise and worship.The hill was perfect because LakeVictoria was behind the church and the stones in its surroundings meant less noise disturbance to neighbours –how considerate ?Also the large stones were often broken into smaller pieces and used for house foundation –how cool is that? I marvelled at their resourcefulness in spite of limited sources on the island ,more so all the building materials were frommhe island. A very small generator powered the large church speaker with singing and dancing under the newly roofed church. I was very proud of their achievement con sidering the church minister Rev Leah was also responsible for eight other churches scattered in Magu circuit. The church building was completed late 2016 and the church had a pastor and evangelist living on the island. It was a growing church and they were very grateful for our visit. Even though I was tired, I could not but admire the faith and commitment of these dear Christians! In closing I remembered the psalm that read …I was glad when they said to me, let us go into the house of the Lord. May this beautiful church be a house of prayer where people will find rest for their souls and salvation in Christ alone? I eventually checked into my accommodation much later that night. Bwana asifiwe…

We are grateful for the patnership visit by Dr Bunmi Olayisade. Our achievements in the past and goals for the future could never be accomplished without the help of exceptional people like you.We look forward to the patnership with MC Britain & Ireland as we move forward in achieving our goal.


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